Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Primerica Internship

Holly Evers
Primerica Intern

I am currently an intern at Primerica. I began my internship with Primerica in November of 2010. I had first heard of Primerica through an internship posting on Titan Jobs and through the College of Business Networking Night I met my supervisor. This eventually led to my internship.
Primerica is a financial service marketing organization. The company provides financial services and products such as mutual funds, annuities, segregated funds, long-term care insurance, loans, auto insurance, home insurance, pre-paid legal services, debt management plans, and credit monitoring to almost everyone.

My position as a financial coach includes responsibilities such as assisting my supervisor with contacting clients, filling out and completing client paperwork, answering phones, and meeting with clients. When meeting with clients, I help clients make informed decisions by teaching them what most people don’t know about money. This is how I spend most of my time during my internship.

I have learned a lot in the past couple months. Not only have I been able to help clients with their finances, I’ve also learned how to better manage my own. Working with my supervisor and meeting with clients has been a learning experience on both a career level and a personal level. Confidence is one of the main things Primerica has helped me to obtain. This internship is a great way to break out of your shell.

I faced some challenges so far in my internship. It was hard for me to get used to meeting with clients outside of an office setting, but I now realize that meeting in a public place such as a local coffee shop can make the initial meeting more comfortable for both the agent and the client.

I am learning a lot at Primerica. This internship has and continues to help me with my career and the goals that I have. I would recommend that everyone should look for an internship sooner than later because it is a great experience.

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