Thursday, September 16, 2010

Pursuit magazine now available to students

Along with nearly 120 students on this campus, I am excited to see Pursuit magazine making it into the hands of College of Business students today.

This publication is an example of a successful collaboration between two departments on campus (Marketing and Journalism) and contains forty-four pages of know-how for students by students. As project advisor, I can attest to the fact that countless hours have went into this publication to ensure that the content is relevant, interesting and useful. We have included tips and tools for every business student such as steps to picking a major, ways to improve the chances of earning a scholarship and creative ways to get an internship. The editorial staff has laid out resources for nontraditional students, researched ways to use social media as a professional, included a how-to studying abroad and created tips for setting yourself apart from your future competition in the job market.

The feature story takes readers through a day in the life of three College of Business alumni: Katy School, Adam Bremberger and Dan Washkoviak. (Thanks to Katy School who is featured on our front cover.)

If you haven’t heard about Pursuit magazine before, I invite you to check it out at or grab a free copy from the College of Business Undergraduate office in Clow 151.

Junior and seniors will receive their copy from the College’s Student Ambassadors in classes this week (and maybe next) and copies will be available at College Networking Night on September 22nd. Pre-business students will receive their copy during advising sessions and copies will be available in the undergraduate office.

From my experience in the field, I know there is nothing better than seeing your story in print. I am excited for all of the students that contributed to this publication get to see their hard work in print this week. I am also eager to learn the student’s response to this publication. Feel free to contact me at or leave a comment to this post.

Happy reading!

Dana Baumgart