Thursday, March 10, 2011

Little Sweden Internship!

Jennifer Boeckman
Financial Assistant Intern

Little Sweden Condominium Association is a resort located in Fish Creek, Wisconsin. Fish Creek is located in Door County, which has become a popular tourist destination. Little Sweden stays the busiest in the summer months due to all of the vacationers.

Currently, I am a Financial Assistant intern at Little Sweden. I began my internship in December of 2010. Before beginning my internship I was the Activities Director of the resort. Upon graduating I knew I would be required to fulfill an internship so I asked my supervisor if I could do my internship there. I am very thankful of the opportunity they have given me because I have learned a lot about the job itself and know more about which direction I want to go in concerning my career after college.

One of the things that I like the most about working at Little Sweden is that every day I learn something new and know that each day will be different. I like the variety of work and know how beneficial it is to me to learn many different tasks in the finance department.

At Little Sweden I assist the finance department in data entry and daily finance procedures. Some of my responsibilities include; daily sales auditing, accounts payable entry, account receivable entry, rental proceeds distribution, payroll preparation, yearend reporting, monthly inventory analysis, and monthly utility analysis and billing.

Working at Little Sweden has made me really appreciate working for a small company. I like how all of the employees know one another and get along very well. This creates a positive work environment and helps everyone to work well together. Everyone is treated with great respect and all of the employees are appreciated for their work. If I ever have any questions about what I am doing I never hesitate to ask because I know my supervisor is always willing to help me out.

I have also had the opportunity to meet a lot of people that stay at the resort. This has helped build my communication skills by interacting with the guests. Also, I have had the opportunity to build my professional network. I have met a lot of people in the finance and accounting field who have all been willing to talk about their experiences in these fields and give me advice.

The opportunity of having this internship and the courses I have taken at UW Oshkosh have given me the tools I need for a successful career. I feel now that I have had this experience and have thoroughly enjoyed it, that I want to pursue a career in the finance field. I also know that in my career search I will be looking for a company similar to one like Little Sweden.

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