Thursday, January 14, 2010

Have Fun Storming the Castle

Good morning!

Yesterday we had a great day. After classes (QBA and German) we went to the center of Fulda to the castle.

The castle (or palace) was originally built for the leader of the region, the archbishop-prince. (Note the mix of religion and politics) Since that position has long since gone by the wayside, it is now used as by the Fulda government. Fulda is governed by a Mayor and 11 councilmen. We were lucky enough to have one of the councilmen join us for a welcoming reception, and give us a short history of Fulda. He emphasized their two flourishing periods: the Baroque period and the industrial revolution. He is in the middle in the picture. The other one besides me is Professor Dr. Peter Haller, the head of the winter university program.

After the reception we went on to tour the castle. It is very hard to describe how beautiful and spectacular it is, so I will post pictures in the next post.

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