Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hallo Again

Hello again from Fulda! I hear it may be warming up in Wisconsin. No such luck here.

Everyone is doing well, although about 80% of us still seem to be suffering some effects from jet lag. I cannot go to sleep until later than I should!
Today we had QBA class (with everyone) bright and early at 8AM. If anyone following the blog has taken QBA, know that the students are doing homework 8. That is infamous in QBA circles as the hardest homework of the semester.
After QBA we had our second German lesson, learning things such as the different versions of the depending on whether the following noun is masculine, feminine, or neutral. Oy!

After our German lesson we had a small break and then boarded a city bus for our first trip to see a German business. We went to see the local newspaper, the Fuldaer Zeitung One of their sportswriters gave us an introduction to the paper and then took us on a tour. One of the things we saw were photographs on the wall (with signatures below them) of important people who have visited the newspaper. Many we did not recognize, but we did see a picture of Richie Havens.

Here is a link to the paper: (http://www.fuldaerzeitung.de/newsroom/).
We also got to see the printing press in action and the large 1200kg rolls of paper they use.

We learned that the German newspaper model is a little different than the US in that they do not have editors at most papers, people play dual roles or reporter and editor usually, especially in small and mid-sized papers. Also reporters have page layout responsibilities as well.

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