Monday, January 11, 2010

Class Day 1

Well we have finished class day 1. The UWO QBA students were given the morning off so I could get the international student taking QBA up to speed. She is from Bulgaria and is very sharp and is picking things up quickly.

After QBA everyone got together for our first German language and culture lesson. It mostly focused on basics on the language and how to say useful sayings (Like what is your name). We are struggling with applying english pronunciations to German words, but saw progress at the end of the session. I am taking this along with the rest of the students, so midway during the day I go from professor to student.

I am hoping to attach pictures to the blog but cannot connect my camera to the laptop yet. Technology is wonderful ;(

Tonight we are going on a walking tour of part of Fulda, and then out to eat somewhere.

P.S. I am typing this on a German keyboard which is slowing me down. Some letters are in different places, for example the y is in the lower left hand corner, so it is not a qwerty keybord, it is a qwertz keyboard.


  1. Sounds like a busy day! Thanks for keeping everyone updated.

  2. Andy! Thanks for posting. It's exciting to follow along. Looking forward to seeing the pictures.