Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Post in Germany

Well, we made it! The trip from Oshkosh was fairly uneventful, except for a few delays. Because of the heightened security we left UWO about an hour earlier only to get through in about 10 minutes, so we had a lot of time at the airport in Chicago. I think some of the students know it very well by now. Our plane was about an hour late taking off, and then we were delayed in landing due to snow in Frankfurt.

Once in Frankfurt it was easy to find the train station and get our tickets to Fulda. The train ride was amazingly smooth. Probably the strangest thing that happened in our travels was that you had to pay .7 Euros to use the restroom at the main Frankfurt train station.

In Fulda we were greeted by several people from the university and taken to our hotel, and then on to the campus. They had a very nice reception for us, including some very good food (appetizers) and a two-person band who did a very nice job! The evening was topped off by a walk to local restaurant.

Today the students will start their classes: QBA in the morning followed by a German language/culture class. Tonight they are going to take us to see some parts of Fulda.

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