Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thill Logistics Internship

Yushuang Shan

Thill Logistics, Inc. operates as one of the largest fulfillment operations in the Midwest, offering third party logistics support for its clients in the areas of fulfillment, customer service, outbound telemarketing, e-commerce, and real-time analytics.

I am currently the outbound telesales consultant at Thill Logistics. Many people have said that telemarketing is not a very good job to start with, but in my opinion, I prefer to start from the beginning. I work with our team to achieve sales goals; our job is to try to maximize the sales savings of our campaign.

We call customers that have previously ordered products, and try to convince them to reorder more products. Many sales techniques are used during the conversation. When I first started at this internship, I had no idea what to say, or how to respond to customers’ questions. There are always times that customers will come up with questions that I hasve never heard before.

At my internship, I have the opportunity to work on different campaigns. The products vary from drinks that help relieve arthritis to mascara that enhances the thickness of eyelashes. Recently, I started working on a slice machine that is a digital cutter that cuts out letters or shapes.

In order for us to gain more sales, we have to have a really good understanding of each product that we are selling. The most challenging part of this job is when customers ask questions that I am not familiar with.

When I first started, I always referred to my notes when having conversations with customers. As time goes on, I think I have learned a lot from this job and I feel this is really good practice for my future career.

For my future career, I still want to be a sales representative. This internship has gained my knowledge on sales techniques, and it has also improved my professional speaking.

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